Keep all your devices connected to the Internet with Zipp High-Speed Internet. Whether it’s streaming movies, online shopping, or keeping up with your friends & family. Add a VOIP phone service and save even more

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High-quality workmanship, equipment, and professional network management enables us to deliver broadband internet, computer networking, internet telephony, live video streaming, and other IP services to suburban, business, and/or remote farming areas.

Our equipment and products are thoroughly tested and professionally installed to ensure optimal service delivery and standards are maintained at all times.

New Products 

We supply and install cameras and alarms for: 

  • Residential & Business clients
  • Farming Homesteads & Livestock Fields

These systems can be monitored remotely for your security and convenience 

About Zipplink 

Internet usage continues to grow in South Africa and across the world. As one of the internet providers in the country, Zipp has helped drive that growth and continues to improve its service to spur further expansion.